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Pros & Cons On Using Aluminium Window Grill 

Are you a proud owner of a house in Singapore? Have you tried using aluminium window grilles? Window grills are the gratings that are done for windows and can act as a divider or barrier. It can also be created to be used as a simple decoration for your house's windows. A window grill can be made up from different materials such as stone, metal or wood. Although the use of grill for windows has been utilized ever since the ancient times, there has been an increased demand for window grill work because of different reasons.

Pros And Cons On Using Aluminium Window Grill

Benefits of Window Grills

Your house needs to be protected from any harm. This is why installing window grills is very important. It serves as a protective covering that protects the window's breakable glass. They are designed in such a way that they are raised off the surface of the window, making them not easily accessible to burglars from the outside. They can't even cut through the window grills, especially if they are made from hard metals.

Although you can use alarms, there are a lot of intruders who know that most of the people using alarms do not know how to monitor it well. That is why you need to be careful in setting your alarm because it might give you other problems later on. Also, if you are just a family with average income, the cost of alarm might be too over the budget compared to using window grills since alarms have maintaining fees that need to be paid, aside from the initial payment for its installation.

Advantages of Using Aluminium Window Grill

There are a number of good reasons why aluminium window grilles are perfect for your home. This grill work does not only serve as a decoration to your house, but also helps in securing your home from robbers. Metal grills or aluminium grills, in particular, are strong and hard which makes it impossible to get through. They act as a protection for your home. Generally, window grills are designed as bar patterns, while others were crafted for more traditional decorative works. But its main purpose is to avoid any kind of outside intrusion, preventing theft and other unwanted crimes.

Now, you must be able to understand why aluminium window grilles are great for your home:

1. Affordable

Aluminium is one of the metals that are more affordable. Its affordability is because it can be easily drawn, cast, extruded, and machined.

2. Durability and Light weight

Among other metals, aluminium is considered as light weight and durable, which makes it appropriate to be used for houses. This is the reason why a lot of residents in Singapore are using aluminium window grilles for their house.

3. Rust Proof

Aluminium, unlike iron, does not easily corrode when it is in contact with water. This makes it the best material used for homes since atmospheric moisture and rain would not have negative reaction with aluminium, which prevents it from rusting.

4. Low Maintenance

Compared to other metals like iron, aluminium window's maintenance cost is relatively low. Iron needs costly maintenance and the mere fact that it is prone to rusting makes it highly expensive. Other metal window grilles need to undergo methods such as painting, galvanisation, and electroplating to prevent them from rusting and to maintain their good condition.

5. Non-magnetic Metal

Being a non-magnetic metal, it does not ignite easily. Also, when fire breaks out, you can easily control it because aluminium is not easily ignited.

Disadvantages of Using Aluminium Window Grilles

Like any other metals, using aluminium for window grilles also has its disadvantages. Here are some of them:

1. Aluminium's Color and Appearance

Yes, aluminium can come in different colors, but the only downside is that you cannot paint them further. Repainting it is not recommended because it is extruded and is not easy to shape. There are many people who opt for iron grill because of its classic look and it can easily be matched with the vinyl of your window.

2. Energy-Inefficient

Aluminuim is known as an inefficient insulator. An aluminium window grill will transfer the temperature, especially during cold months, which makes it very cold to touch. This is because aluminiums are thinner compared to iron and other metals.
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