Invisible Grill In Singapore

If you have ever been to Singapore, you will notice a lot of houses will install window grilles. Window grilles come in many designs and patterns. Many Singaporeans install these window grilles to add little design to their average dull-looking house, mainly still for the security of the home.

Windows to all people is to be used as a preventive method to ward off any possible accidents at home and at your working environment. No doubt, with the array of window grille designs that are out in the market, however, you might feel that even with those nice design patterns on your grilles, you are like living in a prison ward.

With the aid of modern technology, new innovative way is introduced to the normal and dull old dated grilles industry.

Installing Invisible Grille Singapore

Installing Invisible Grille Singapore

Have you heard about Invisible Grille before? This new grille concept is greatly used in these recent years. This invisible grilles appearance resembles a thin wire installed to your window. You may think that just a thin wire can this grille provide the necessary security protection. Fred not! This so-called “thin wire” is durable and each wire is in-built with high-tension cable that can withstand tensile force up to 250 pounds thus it does not compromise on your home securities.

This grille concept can be equipped with an anti-burglary system which will further give your house more security protection against breaking in cases that normally will happen for landed property. This grille can be installed on your window, balcony or even door to give you the full spectrum of house security and safety for your loved ones. It is easy to install and also can prevent your children from falling off the window.

Does your house have a great view to the outside scenery? Well this new grill system, enable you to have a clear view to those nice and great sceneries unlike those traditional window grills that will block your scenery. Why is it so? The reasons are simple! With its design to be a thin wire, it almost look invisible to your naked eyes when you are in a distance, hence, you can have a good view on the outside of the windows. This grill also blends in well with your interior design as well as exterior. This grill will also give your house a trendy and spacious feel in your house.

To summarise, this invisible grille not only able to make your home safe and secure, they also are able to set a stylish and modern feel to your house. Maintaining this window grills are easy as A,B,C. As they are engineered to cut, so they are anti-rust, thus, making cleaning easy. Giving your house a half-outdoor feel and viewing the outside window sceneries with no blockage.

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