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A group of railings that provides a fence surrounding a balcony or an entrance is called a railing system. When you select a railing system much of your attention circles around the material of the product. There are a lot of material options for building a railing system. The available materials for a railing system are wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum.

Among these materials, aluminum is the best suited for choosing a railing system. An aluminum railing will add security and value your property much more than the other railing system.

The advantages of using these railings are mentioned below

As aluminum is not a ferrous metal, you can least worry about it from excessive corrosion and rust. It is weather-resistant compared to other materials like vinyl, wood or steel. It has the capability to bear heavy rain, snowing and harmful UV rays.

A normal aluminum railing system will only cost you for repainting. On the other hand, if you choose a layer of powder-coated railing you will not need to repaint it. The railing will just need some occasional cleaning and that makes it almost maintenance-free.

This type of railing comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns to reflect your personality. The design will match your taste and blend itself into its surroundings. The appearance of your property will improve.

Comparing to the traditional railings like steel, aluminum is very cheap. Though it is expensive a wooden railing needs many maintenance tasks. So aluminum railing is a onetime investment with zero maintenance cost in the future.

As aluminum is recyclable you can dispose of it after many years of using them. You don’t have to worry about filling it up in a landfill.

Why choose us?

We believe that aluminum is the best material for the railing system. We have been producing this railing system for more than 20 years with the supply and install facilities. We put our best efforts to make this product a useful one for our customers.

Every customer has a different perception and has diversified needs. We are here to provide you with all the necessary requirements. Our railings have a lifetime warranty that will cover manufacturing defects or faulty handling of the same.

Installation of an aluminum railing system:

These are easy to install if you follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

You should clean the space in which you need fencing. After that, you have to find out how many rails you need for the operation. You will need brackets and rail fittings. Measure the space and then calculate the distance of the rails. Then you have to divide the total space around your deck from the rail distance.

Hence you will find the number of rails that will be used for the installation. Make sure to include the rail fittings along with this calculation.

Start by fixing the plugs to your rails. Plugs are to be fitted around a gap of 4 inches in the bottom and top railings. Then you have to fit the brackets with a screwdriver into the post. Make sure to watch out the height of the railing. Secure the screws in their respective positions using a drill machine.

Check out if everything is done correctly. Take the first post and fix it to the deck with a screwdriver in such a way that it will touch the wall. Install all the posts one by one at the desired place. Put a mark on the positions where the railing is to be placed.

Place the first rail in the low bracket of each post. Be careful and attach the rails in the brackets. Make sure that the rails touch and fits the plug from both upper and lower brackets.

With the help of a screwdriver fit the railings to the posts. Attach the rails to the post that fits against the walls. Proceed with the installation until space is covered. You can then paint to decorate your railings.

In conclusion:

So we have found that aluminum railing is the most popular alternative for fencing. For more detailed information, please get in contact with our service team. We will help you to build your dream fence.

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