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Aluminium Grilles or Wrought Iron Grilles - Choose the Best for Your Window

Grilles are the most crucial part of your home whether it is to cover your exterior projection or to cover your windows. Proper window placement with aluminum grilles or wrought iron grilles keeps your house ventilated, airy, and cool. Whether you are living on high floors, units or in cute cottages, window grilles are a necessity in regards to safety and security of your family and property. Moreover, grilles enhance the beauty of your house and this is the only which is seen by visitors and most exposed to weather. Thus, besides providing security to your house, grilles must also be decorative, pleasing, and attractive.

Basically, there are two main types of grilles available in the market. - Aluminium Grilles and Wrought Iron Grilles. You must install grill which suits your purpose and budget and simultaneously looks a piece of art. It must enhance the value of your property.
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Just glance at the pros of installing aluminum grilles:

These are strong and lightweight.
These neither rot or rust and are resistant to heat and chemicals.
Available in simple and appealing designs.
Easy to clean.
User-friendly and child-friendly as there are no sharp curves or edges.
Available in metallic color or powder coated color.
The hard surface prevents the weathering and denting of the grill.
These are cost-effective and available at affordable prices.

Just glance at the pros of installing wrought iron grilles:

These can be customized which looks like a piece of art. Wrought iron can take intricate shapes so you can get geometrical designs or abstract patterns like sun, moon leaves etc. as per your choice and requirements.

Provide more security especially when the windows are easily accessible from outside.
Can be colored as per your theme and landscape.

Nonetheless, whether you are renovating or redecorating your house or your commercial property, window grilles play a pivotal role.

Remember, whether you choose aluminum grilles or wrought iron grilles, these must:

Not obstruct your outside view.
Provide safety and security from intruders or burglars.
Be stylish, elegant, and affordable.
Maintenance free.
Provide proper locking mechanism.

Frankly speaking, ground level flat owners or landed house owners prefer wrought iron grilles as iron is sturdier. Moreover, it gives the old rustic look with the right paint. You can choose your own theme or even get customized designs as per your fantasy. You can even synchronize your gate design with the design of your window grill.

On the other hand, aluminum grill has its own beauty and are trendy. These give the modern technology touch. Nowadays, owners living in high-rise building prefer aluminum grilles as these bring a clear and fresh look to the exteriors as well as the interiors. Moreover, you can get your design customized and get horizontal or vertical bars, select the thickness of hollow section as per your requirements. The greatest benefit of having aluminum grille is that it comes with lock and key mechanism so you can have a good sound sleep.

In a nutshell, whether you want aluminum grilles or wrought iron grilles, you must ensure that the manufacturer provides you a free quotation and takes the right measurements of your windows.
I was recommended by my friend so I called them up for a free on site quotation for the aluminium window grilles and wrought iron gate for my HDB and I am pretty impressed by their service. They are very responsible and I must agree with my friend that their workmanship is superb! Keep up the great work guys.
Madam Sim
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Rachael Lim
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