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6 Things To Consider On Window Replacement

Like most things in life, your windows too come with a shelf life on their own. With passage of time, your windows start becoming progressively cumbersome to lift, slide, or swing. In many cases, lack of a good quality high efficiency glass means that your windows become foggy due to deposition of condensation. Their ability to keep your room warm in cold weather and cool during summer time also deteriorates.


So what should you do when your window is at the end of its lifespan? The cheaper option could be to go for a repair job and hope that your patched up windows serve you for a few years more. However, repairing a window is not always a viable option. In particular, repairing your windows would be a costly mistake in the following cases.

1) Onset of rotting:

Once the wood in your window is infested with the problem of rot, it is well nigh impossible to check it.

2) Clouded double pane windows:

If there is a deposition of foggy condensate between the double pane glasses of your windows, then your only fix is to have them replaced.

3) Unavailable hardware:

Many a times, you will find that window manufacturers have stopped making the model you bought years ago, and their replacement parts cannot be found in the market. In such cases, replacement is your only option.

While it is true that replacing a window would cost a significantly more than having them repaired, you should take a long term view on it rather than just look at the upfront cost. Besides the obvious comfort and style, replacing your old windows with a new one means you provide a face lift to your dwelling. In other words, you should look at it as an investment in your property. Snazzy new windows can go a long way in inflating the value of your property.

However, there are also a few considerations you should be mindful of when installing new windows. Replacing your old windows with new ones involves significant expenditure so we recommend that you do proper research and avoid some common mistakes.


Here is a list of 6 such factors you should think through and make the best choice.

6 things to consider on window replacement

1) Choice of frame:

The first thing you would need to decide when replacing a window is the type of frame. Traditionally, Wooden framed windows have been extremely popular both on account of their durability and style. These days a lot of wooden windows come clad in aluminium or fiber glass which further extends there shelf life as well as eliminates the need for painting. On the other hand, these are also the most expensive window frames you could choose. You get a lot of choice with such a window frame including the choice of wood type and finishes.

Vinyl window frames are another popular option that last a long time, require no painting and cost significantly less than wooden frames.

Finally, there are fiber glass windows in the market that are steadily gaining traction. These frames require no painting although they can be painted if you want to.

2) Type of window style:

This is the fun part of replacing window as you have so many styles to choose from. Depending on your taste, requirement, and the overall design of the house, you could choose awning, casement, hung/double hung, fixed, or hopper style windows.

A casement style window are hinged on the sides like a door, and open outwards or inwards depending on the space. They are extremely good for providing a clear view and abundant ventilation. Easy to clean, this kind of window also provides an airtight closure making them excellent against rain and wind.

Awning windows are hinged on top and extend outwards to open. While they are excellent for ventilation, they are also hard to clean. A hopper style window is the exact opposite of awning style window, hinged as it is on the bottom and opens from the top, extending in both directions.

If you are not in need of ventilation, then a fixed window is a good choice. They do not open, but they can provide excellent lighting.

Finally, there are hung and double hung style windows with moveable shashes. The shashes move up or down to provide you flexibility on how much ventilation and lighting you require. These windows are also well suited for tropical climates such as Singapore as you can install a window air conditioner on them.

Window Replacement

3) Double or triple glazing:

Double glazed windows have a sealed space between the panes which is typically filled with air or gas. Although gas is better at providing insulation, you would also have to pay more for it. Triple glazed windows feature a third layer of glass that contributes in bringing down noise levels. While glazed window panes do lead to some level of energy savings, they do not make much of a sense in tropical climates. However, if you live in the vicinity of a noisy street, then triple glazed windows could help you achieve a quiet indoor environment.

4) Glass coating:

Glass coating, also known as low-E coating, have become popular on account of their ability to reflect heat while letting the light in. This highly energy efficient coat is applied to the outer layer of glass in warm and tropical climates so that the heat is reflected away, resulting in significant savings on your air-conditioning bills. In colder weather, the low-E coat is applied on the inner side of the glass. Although advertised as a transparent coat, low-E does compromise the quality of the view you would enjoy from your window.

5) Service and warranties:

It is important that you buy only from such manufacturers who offer comprehensive and long term warranties on their products. Compare different brands and look for the warranties they offer. Similarly, you would not want to install a window whose hardware parts are not easily available. Stick to reputed brands who have been in the business for a long time so that you do not find yourself struggling to replace a broken part.

6) Find the right installer:

You can spend some big money on fancy windows but if it is not installed professionally then it is simply a waste. While a lot of manufacturer have their own installers to help you out, sometimes you will have to find your own contractor. Look for their certifications, experience, and customer reviews to make sure you hire a reliable and competent contractor.
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