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Installing HDB Gate - What You Should Know

When you think about securing your HDB home, then you always give preference to have an iron gate in your home. This gate on your hdb can give you an extra layer of security and protection without any doubt, but when you do it then you need to do it carefully to avoid any complication or troubles. Many people do not know about the precautions that they should remember while installing the gate on their hdb home and as a result of that they face various problems as well. Here, I am going to talk about those things that you should know while installing HDB gate in your home.


Right material:

Use of right material is very important to get it done in right ways. In the market, there are different kinds of materials available and those materials can have a different kind of strengths as well. That means you will have to choose it wisely to have a proper safety. If needed, you may talk to some experts as well that are well aware of this subject. If you need to talk to them, then don’t mind talking to them as they can tell you more details about the right kind of gate for your hdb home in a wise manner. Also, when you will choose the right material for your hdb gate, then it will give better looks to your house which is an essential demand for all the house owners.

Space between bars:

If you are installing Iron Gate on your hdb home, then you are doing that to have better protection of your home. But if you will leave a lot of space between the bars, then it will not be a safe solution for you in any way. This is one of the most important things that you need to consider while choosing the design for your gate. This spacing should be in a proper measure that you don’t end up having an unsecured or no- usable gate in front of your home. If you will have much spacing in it, then it will become unsafe for you and if you will not have any spacing, then you won’t be able to see anything from outside. Also, it will be very heavy with more bars and that will become really tough for you to use.


Choosing thickness wisely:

While space between the grills or bar is really important you need to pay attention on the thickness as well. If you will choose very thin bars for the gate, then you may not get the desired protection for your HDB home. At the other hand, if you choose to take very thick bars for same, then it will become very heavy. That heavy weight will not only increase the cost, but it will also increase other issues such as increased cost and usability. That is why it is extremely important that you keep this thing also in your mind while choosing a gate for your hdb home. That simple tip will defiantly help you have the best outcome and result in an amazing manner.

You need approval:

if you are installing a gate for your individual home, then you may not need to take any approval for that and you can do the installation easily. But if you live in an HDB home then it is necessary that you take a written approval from authorities to install the same in your home. It does not matter what kind of gate you are installing or what is the purpose of installing this gate, if you don’t get the approval, then you cannot install it legally. However, you don’t need to worry much about the permission part because you can get the permission from them easily considered you share your requirement in a wise manner.

Install HDB Gate

Check the overall cost:

When you plan to install an iron gate on your door, then you make a budget for that and you wish not to cross that budget. That is a good thing, but many people make a big mistake in their calculation and they do not calculate the overall cost for the installation and purchase of gate. They invest their entire budget in buying the gate for their hdb home and they do not consider the cost of installation, shipping or other things. So, it is extremely important that you keep this thing in your mind and you plan the budget accordingly. In this budget, you should check the cost of the installation, you should check the cost of the shipping and other expenses as well. That will help you plan your budget in a wise manner.

Choose a contractor wisely:

Probably this is the most important thing that you have to remember while installing a gate on your hdb home. You have to choose a contractor that has all kind of licenses to work in an hdb building. Also that contractor should have proper experience in this work so he can do the installation without any kind of mistakes. Also, you need to check that contractor has all the necessary licenses and insurance or not. Insurances are very important because installation of iron gate is not a safe work and if any worker get injured at your premises, then you will have to bear all the medical expenses unless he is insured. In addition to this, it is also important that you choose to have a contractor that use all kind of safety measures and gives you a good looking installation. If you are not getting good looks in your home after installation of gate in your hdb home, then it would be a problem for you in many ways.

If you can keep these things in your mind while choosing and installing iron gate on your hdb home, then you will surely get the best result. Also, these simple tips can keep you away from any kind of problems as well. I hope now you know what are the things that you should know for this same and when you will plan to have this gate in your hdb home, then you will get the same in a wise manner.
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