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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Window Grill Contractor

Whether you are constructing a new house, or simply redecorating your house, you have to consider how your windows will look like when the house is done. You cannot ignore the importance of having a good window, and the effect they have on the whole interior decor of your house. This means that you have to have a good grill to support the window and ensure that your windows are not only durable, but also attractive. Of course, this means that you have to hire a window grill contractor who will give you exactly what you need. The challenge always comes in choosing the right person to do the job. Here is a guide on the mistakes to avoid when choosing a contractor to do your window grills.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Window Grill Contractor

1. Choosing a contractor who is not licensed:

There are many people claiming to be window grill contractors, but you will be surprised to find that very few of them own a license that allows them to practice. It is a big risk for you to hire a contractor who is not licensed, because there could be a possibility that they are frauds, and you may end up losing a lot of money. Before you settle for a contractor, ask them to show you a license that is up-to-date so that you are sure that you are dealing with someone who is registered and qualified to work on window grills. Working with a licensed contractor enables you to trace them in case something goes wrong. You will know who to approach about their whereabouts.

2. Not doing your research on your specific needs:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a window grill contractor is not doing basic research on what your specific needs are. Once you know what you want, you will be able to narrow down on who the best contractor will be. You should also do a background research on who you are hiring to work on your grills. Make sure that they share with you the kind of jobs they are capable of doing, and the people they have worked with. A good contractor should be able to provide you with pictures and documents in their portfolio that shows how efficient they are.

3. Basing your choice on how much the contractor charges:

When choosing a contractor, focus mainly on skills and experience, instead of price. Just because a contractor is charging you a low amount doesn't mean that they are giving you the best deal. Moreover, some of them will mention a low amount, only to introduce other charges once you hire them. Alternatively, a contractor who charges a huge amount of money doesn't necessarily guarantee you quality service. Therefore, as much as you should consider your budget when choosing a contractor, your choice should not be based entirely on the price being charged.

4. Not considering 'after care' services being provided by the window grill contractor:

Installing the window grills is not enough, there are a lot of other services that you will need after the windows have been installed. It is better to get a company that is willing to give you 'after care' services such as cleaning, regular checks, annual polishing and other services. Since they are the ones doing the installation, they would offer the best solutions in taking care of the new windows until you learn other ways of how to do it yourself. Singapore has several window grill contractors who can provide such services, so it would be best to do a search and find them.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Window Grill Contractor

5. Hiring without getting references:

As much as a contractor may convince you that they are good at what they do, always look for references who can validate their claims. It would be better if you talked with someone who has worked with them to compare what they did and what your needs are. If you find them satisfactory, then you can go ahead and hire them. If you cannot find a direct client they have worked with, do an internet search and read reviews that have been done on them. By doing that, you can be sure that they have been tried and tested, and you are not just risking with someone whose competence is questionable.

6. Not asking for a written contract:

Most people in Singapore do not think it is important to come up with a written contract/agreement of how the grill installation will be done. You should avoid working with a window grill contractor who does not offer you a written agreement that has the terms and conditions. Think about what will happen if something gets damaged or broken. What about if they fail to show up after you pay them? Do they offer you some kind of commitment? Those are the details you should look into before you make your choice. Many people always find themselves complaining about unmet expectations, and they end up wishing that they had worked with a contractor who has a contract.

7. Forgetting to ask for quotations and cost breakdown:

A good contractor should provide you with a quotation and a breakdown of costs so that you know what exactly you are paying for, and how much each service should cost. It is necessary to ask them to break everything down for you, so that you can identify any hidden charges. The temptation to take a block price and pay for it can be overwhelming, but you may end up paying for more if you don't get a breakdown.

Additionally, it would be helpful if you compare quotations from different contractors so that you can know who is giving you a good deal. and what extra service they will give you besides the grill installation.  Before you hire a window grill contractor, take your time and make sure that you have looked into these requirements. If you choose a good contractor, then your window will not just be a source of ventilation to your house, but it will also be a beautiful addition to your house. Never underestimate the value of having a well installed grill.

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