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How To Choose Window Grill With Mosquito Net?

A window grill helps to secure your house from burglars. It prevents young children from jumping out of the window, and it can add beauty and elegance to the home. Some window grills are combined with a mosquito net or insect screen. These combined grills are becoming more popular among homeowners in Singapore. Buying a window grill that has a mosquito screen will save you time and cost. You will not need to shop for an insect screen separately. A combined grill and screen will save money since you could purchase both at a discount from the same supplier or manufacturer. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most important factors to consider when you want to choose a window grill with a mosquito net.

How To Choose Window Grill With Mosquito Net?

1. Type of Window

The design of your window is one of the primary factors that should determine your choice of window grill. If you are just constructing your home, it may be more cost effective to get your grill made by the window manufacturer. Thus, the three components will fit perfectly. But if you are trying to fit the grill and mosquito net to an existing window, the design of the grill must match that of the window. For example, if you have a 3-panel window, you should choose a three-panel grill as well.

2. Security Features

Your grill should fulfil its primary purpose of preventing intruders from breaking into your property. Therefore, it must have a strong network of welded iron rods and bars. This rods and bars can be bent, curled, or twisted into various shapes. But they must be strong enough to stop a burglar from gaining entrance into your home through your windows. This is very vital when your windows are accessible from a common corridor. For areas where the threat of burglary is strong, you should opt for twisted rods that cannot be easily cut by thieves.

2. Grill Material

The material of the grill determines its strength and durability. Three materials are frequently used to produce window grills: wrought iron, steel, and aluminum. Wrought iron grills are cheaper. But they are quite durable and secure. Many attractive designs are made from wrought iron. However, the edges and finishing of these grills is not usually very smooth. Also, iron grills can rust or corrode if they are exposed to water. On the other hand, aluminum grills do not corrode or rust. Aluminum is lighter than wrought iron but not as strong. However, aluminum can be polished or coated with many attractive colors. It requires very low maintenance since it does not rust. In addition, it is possess greater fire-resistance than iron.

3. Design and Shape

The grill design should fit the design of the window and the level of security required. But it should also add beauty and style to the interior of the home. Window grills may have either casement, fixed or sliding designs. Fixed grills are rarely used in Singapore because they will seal a potential fire exit. But in cases where the window can be accessed from outside, it is better to secure it with a fixed grill. Sliding grills are the most widely used grills with mosquito nets. The net or screen may be fixed or it may also slide along with the grill. Magnetic screens are commonly used with sliding grills.

In addition to design, you should also be interested in selecting an appropriate shape for the grill. All grills have a rectangular frame but the internal portion of the grill can be crafted to make your home look elegant. Popular examples of grill shapes include, heart, diamond, vertical, horizontal and ancient Moroccan designs. You should select a shape that will blend with other elements of your home’s interior decoration. However, most home owners tend to stay away from the vertical design because it looks like the bars used by prison houses.

How To Choose Window Grill With Mosquito Net?

4. Grill Size

Make sure the size of grill you choose fits perfectly into your window space. Preferably, you should get the supplier to send a representative to come and take measurements of the window space before the grills are fabricated. Some homeowners like to take measurements themselves but this is not always advisable. Such measurements should only be used for the purpose of cost estimation. It is better to allow professionals to take the measurements so the grills and mosquito net supplied can fit perfectly.

5. Color of Window and Walls

Choose a grill color that fits into the color scheme used to decorate your home. Grills should add aesthetic value after they are installed. You may achieve this either by choosing a color that blends with the shade of your wall and window or you can use a dark color that will be visible through your window blinds. After you have chosen your preferred color, you should ensure that you communicate with your supplier. This will help them to ensure that the right color of metal stock is purchased to fabricate your grill. However, some suppliers will be able to provide any color of grill you ask for without prior notice.

6. Type of Mosquito Net

The mosquito net that comes with your grill should prevent all unwanted insects from coming into your house. In addition, it should be durable and easy to clean. It should also fit perfectly without obstructing the closed window. Mosquito nets should be easy to open by your maid or your children. Most user-friendly mosquito net designs are also detachable. For instance, the magnetic type of net will attach to the window frame without falling off even when there is a strong wind. Some other screen designs are fastened on the window frame with screws.


Finally, after considering all the options given above, you should make sure you get the best value for your money. Choose the window grill and mosquito net that will provide you with the best security and safety at the least possible cost. A more secure home will help you to prevent unnecessary losses to burglars and it will also provide some other insurance benefits and add to the value of your home.
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