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Can Invisible Grill Be Cut Easily?

Invincible grills have continued to storm the Singapore market as more people seek better ways of upgrading home security. Grills have been used for many years to enhance the security in house vulnerability areas like windows and doors. However, the traditional big wrought iron, metals and even aluminum have made spaces look dull and non-impressive. This is why grills became unfashionable for a short time before their emergence. Today, the window grills come in various aesthetically appealing designs meant for complementing interior decoration and arrangement. Nonetheless, the main purpose of installing grills still remains security especially in modern times where crime and burglary rates have risen tremendously across the globe.

Invisible Grill

Invinsible grill for windows

The time when grills were dull and unappealing is long gone and only old prisons still features these unpleasant designs. Modern styles include invincible grills which have become a trend in Singapore. These grills cannot be seen from outside the house and only those who are inside can easily spot them. They are not to be confused for some crystalline colorless material. Rather, invincible grills are made of tiny wires that are very difficult to see from a distance. It is actually possible to assume there is no grill on the window as it offers full view of the other side. These grills are perfect for any house or building and a necessity for those who live in areas that are crime laden. They are also aesthetic and do not take up a lot of space like their large metal counterparts. The wires can be interlocking or modeled into any preferable design.

How strong are invincible grills?

When people first see invincible grills, they immediately assume that the wires used are too thin to offer any meaningful security. However, this is the secret advantage of using these grills. The considerably thin mesh wires that run across the grill are made of extremely strong wrought iron and aluminum that can withstand a massive 250 pound force. It is virtually impossible to break these wires and there is no singly handy tool that can break them. The wires are built with incredible elasticity and high tension to provide optimum safety and sturdiness. You will probably need a high-tech tool that is powered to be able to cut through the aluminum wires found in invincible grills. These wires are extremely malleable and flexible.

This combined with the strength and sturdiness means they can take a whole lot of hitting, tension and bending without actually breaking. The aluminum is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. They will survive harsh fires without bending or breaking. Because of these properties, invincible grills are considered the best solution to preventing burglaries that happen through windows. Apart from hitting and heating, other factors that may reduce the strength and sturdiness of a grill include actions of weather elements and processes such as rusting, corrosion and freeze/thaw effect. Invincible grills feature aluminum wire which is resistant to all these elements and the reason for its use in other hazard environments like cookware pans and electric supply grids. These grills are very durable and will safeguard your windows for many years before needing any repairs or replacements. They can also be integrated with other security systems to establish a more secured premise.

Invisible Grill

Benefits of invincible grills

The first advantage of using invincible grill is that it cannot be cut easily especially not with any known handy tool. Burglars will need to carry along high-tech powered tools in order to cut through one wire at a time. This will probably cause a lot of noise and no wise burglar can risk it. There are many other benefits that stem from the invincibility property. These grills cannot be easily seen and many people have integrated conspicuous alarm systems within them. Careless burglars will easily trigger these alarms offering another level of security. Unlike traditional grills that blocked people from enjoying outside view, invincible grills are really invincible. They offer 100% view of the outside environment and you can easily see what is going on outside. Alongside this advantage, invincible grills allow maximum sunlight into the room and do not interfere with the interior decoration of the house. They consume a small space and harmonize perfectly with the existing décor with a specific purpose of heightening security across vulnerable areas. They also offer all the other advantages of metal and wrought iron grills.

Maintenance of invincible grills

Although it is a known fact that maintenance is one of the best ways to improve longevity, grill maintenance can be the main cause of dropping value and sturdiness. This is not the same for invincible grills which are quite easy to maintain. They are made of rust-free material and therefore do not need scrubbing or intense cleaning procedures. What’s more, aluminum has various pleasant properties that prevent dirt and grime from sticking on its surface. Cleaning the grills is quite easy and does not involve corrosive agents that will degrade the materials. With simple maintenance, the grill will remain clean and hygienic providing optimum security and sturdiness around all your windows. They cannot be cut easily and any modification of the design will require professional assistance and tools.

Purchasing invincible grills

There is a huge demand for such grills as people shift to better ways of safeguarding their homes from unauthorized intrusion. For this reason, the number of brands and types of materials used in making invincible grills is constantly rising. It is upon buyers to exercise careful evaluation of the grill in question before purchase. The best option is to purchase from reputable distributors like who can guarantee top quality materials and products. Some purchase considerations required include evaluating the designs, style, material used, tension and durability. Only purchase from credible businesses to avoid buying low quality counterfeits that will not provide desired security level.


Some people may think invincible grills are weak and vulnerable because of their thin aluminum wires. This cannot be further from the truth and the main disguise is for burglars to attempt breaking in only to waste more time and get caught. It is impossible to break these grills without powered tools and even with such, it requires a considerable amount of time to create a sufficient space to pass through. Thus, invincible grills cannot be cut easily and are currently the most recommended grill design in the market.
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