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Wrought Iron Vs Stainless Steel Gate

The most common prevailing characteristics of people in Singapore include privacy, security and charisma. Residents staying in the commercial or residential areas invest in strong gates to ensure their security as well as exhibit a taste of graphic art and character with several types of metal. Wrought iron and stainless steel gates are the most frequently manufactured and sold gates. However, many people do not know the best metal to use for their gate between wrought iron and stainless steel. Stainless stain gate is the latest and more durable metal and latest while wrought iron gate is associated with charm, grace and beauty. If you are thinking about replacing or installing a new gate, this article will help you decide which metal to use between wrought iron and stainless steel.

Steel Gate

The differences wrought Iron and Stainless steel gates

Both wrought iron and stainless steel are metals with apparent degrees of variances. Both wrought iron and stainless steel gates will still look good in several years and can flexibly use any kind of opening as well as security automation, including swing or slide. Though wrought iron and stainless steel metals are similar, they have different quantity of carbon between them. Wrought iron and stainless steel metals can make sturdy but expensive gates.

It is therefore very difficult to choose which metal between them to use due to these differences. Both have different versatility, appearances and strength levels. The subtle differences between wrought iron and stainless steel gates can help you know the components of a perfect gates and hence make the right decision as regards the gate to install. Although both the wrought iron and stainless steel gates has iron, stainless steel gates contain impurities which mark the difference between them.


Wrought iron and stainless steel gates are made up of hard materials and hence they are durable. Wrought iron gate contains iron and small amounts of Carbon while stainless steel is made up of a standardized mixture of carbon and iron. This makes stainless steel gate more durable than wrought iron as carbon intensify the strength of steel. Historically, little quantity of wrought iron was used to make tough axes and swords. Hence, you can as well find steel in Singapore which has a substantial quantity of wrought iron that in a way to make the gate more durable.

The fact that wrought iron do not contain carbon makes it softer and hence less durable, requiring to be repaired more often. The advantage of containing iron is that it can resist vibration and shock. Moreover, when iron breaks, the breaking happens gradually, warning the gate owner to replace the gate. On the other hand, when steel fractures, the breaking happens suddenly and this may create complications on the verge of a dangerous fall. The stainless steel gate is more probably to fall suddenly when hit by a strong force.


Wrought iron gates rust more compared to stainless steel gates. Rusted iron gates may get stuck with ease and may need lubrication to open. On contrary, stainless steel gate is more resistant to rust since it contains a mixture of chromium and nickel. Hence, such a gate cannot rust or else change its appearance. Stainless steel gate would not last as long as wrought iron without these materials. Stainless steel gate has a more modern and sleek appearance whereas the wrought iron gates looks out-of-date.

Steel Gate


The cost of wrought gates and stainless steel gates in Singapore depend on the amount of time required in welding and fishing and the difficult experienced when installing them. Moreover, the make-up of the metal material accounts when determining the costs involved. Both types of gates are more expensive compared to wooden gates.

However, the production difficulties related to iron increases its price in Singapore. Moreover, the wrought iron gates may look dull with time requiring repair more often and hence increasing its maintenance costs. Stainless steel gates are fabricated faster than wrought iron gates, speeding up the steel gate’s production time.

Heat Transfer

When wrought iron and stainless steel gates are heated by a fire, they both generate a little heat. But the wrought iron gate produces more heat compared to the stainless steel gate. This heat conduction may increase the probability of fires, however not to a higher degree as other gates materials like wood.


Wrought iron gates are easier to frame and work with compared to stainless steel gates. Hence, wielders do not have a difficult time when designing gates made up of wrought iron. Moreover, wrought iron contains small quantity of carbon making the gates stronger. Steel which has high amount of carbon heat up easily and hence do not need more electrical energy.

In summary, gates made up of wrought iron appear heavy and classic and maintain a taste of art because of wood-like spots they contain. Apart from their aesthetic value, wrought iron gates add more security to your house. Wrought iron is known for its sophisticated look and intricate design. It can withstand all types of weather as well as endure all sorts of usage. Wrought iron gates comes in different elegant design, structure and sizes and hence can complement the different parts of your home environment. If you are looking for a garden gate made up of wrought iron gate, you should consider somewhat a small gate with clear design.

The front gate should be made of quality material since it is classically an accent to the home frontage and it complement the landscaping. Moreover, wrought iron comes in various styles, shapes, colors and effects and hence can greatly improve the visual beauty, style and character of your home. If one is concerned about the future outlook, then stainless steel gates is the way to go as they appear modern and simple. Stainless steel gates are reliable, durable, secure and stylish and hence are the perfect kind for contemporary homes which are concerned more with aspect and functionality. To add value and style to your front gate, you can have stainless steel logos, emblems or motifs embedded to your gate.
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