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Factors To Consider When Choosing Window Grills For Home

One of the most valuable investments that a person can ever own in Singapore is a home. Inside the home, there are numerous assets that you have to protect as well. This explains why all openings to your home should be guarded all day round. To improve your home security therefore, all your windows ought to be reinforced with the best window grills in the market. Improving your home security is the only sure way to avert intruders such as burglars and thieves from gaining access to your property. Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the right grills for your Singapore home.

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1. Material

There are scores of window grills in the market made of different materials. For instance, wrought iron, aluminum and steel grills are all available in Singapore. Because of the wide variety of grills found in this country, choosing the right grills that fits your property might be tricky. The information below explains the unique characteristics of each of the aforementioned materials.


· A popular type of grill in Singapore

· Very sturdy in nature

· Durable

· Quite expensive as compared to other materials

· Easy to maintain


· Also very popular

· Very heavy and powerful

· The best option for homes and offices

· Initial installation price not too high


· The lightest material as compared to steel and iron

· Good for offices and homes

· Forms some of the most stylish grills

2. Dimension of the grills

Grills come in different sizes since people have got different taste and preferences. The only thing worth noting here is that small spaced window grills offers more security as compared to larger ones. On the other hand, those who are seeking grills that allow free air flow ought to go for bigger models. This means that both big and small spaced grills have their own advantages. When buying grills therefore, make certain that you make the right choice depending on the function you expect the grills to play in your property.


3. Type of Grill

Homeowners have the responsibility of choosing the type of grill that suits his/her home. Remember that these products come in different styles and design in order to fit a variety of homes. In Singapore, some of the most common types of grills include:

· Sliding grills

· Casement grills

· The fixed type

Even though fixed grills are rare in Singapore, they offer maximum security to a property more so in homes where windows can be accessed from the outside. Sliding grills, on the other hand, are more beautiful and safer as compare to fixed grills. Casement grills are also considered beautiful but somehow dangerous when installed din in inward opening windows.

4. Color

Your window grills ought to contribute in decorating your home and not creating discord with other parts of the home. This is why you have to go for the right color that will match the exterior of your home. Generally, choosing the right color that matches your home should not be that difficult since there are lots of options in the market. The only different case is that of aluminum grills which are available in metallic shades and powder coated versions.

5. Shape

The shape of your grills can add both security and splendor to your home. For instance, diamond shaped grills are very sturdy considering that they are made of a large mass of metal. This makes them the number one choice for those who are totally interested in boosting their home security. Moroccan shaped grills, on the other hand, are the most decorative type of grills found in Singapore. They are perfectly ornamental and can be used to decorate any home in order to create a particular effect. Many people fancy horizontal shaped grills because they look simple yet beautiful.

Only the best window grills can make your property both beautiful and secure. Ensure that you take your time when shopping for these products in order to increase your chances of identifying the perfect grills that you have always wanted. In as much as the final decision rests with you as property owner, you can use the above-mentioned factors to help you acquire the finest grills for your Singapore property. Always remember to shop for grills that are both functional and ornamental in order to kill two birds with one stone.
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