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Are Aluminium Windows Better Than Upvc?

When making a choice on what kind of windows to fit in your residence, you need to consider the choices available to you. There may be many, but once you have kicked your ideas around for a while, you will realize that there are realistically only two choices to consider, uPVC and aluminium. Different people will choose each for different reasons. Admittedly, the two are vastly different and you make a choice based on what you like best. To make a wise choice, you will need to be informed about what these two are all about. Here is a look at what you are getting from each.

Aluminium Windows

What does uPVC give you?

For every single purchase you make, price is always one of the factors that inform the ultimate decision. Among the variety of materials available, uPVC materials come at the most decent price. While this is so, the said price is not always fixed, varying abit from store to store. However, you need to keep in mind that price should not be at the top of the list of your priorities.


There seems to be a consensus in the market that unplasticised poly vinyl chloride can outlive most of the other alternatives in the market. This makes sense, given that it does not rust and therefore immune to all sorts of elements. This belief is so strong that some companies will offer you a 10-year guarantee for any purchases you make.

Low maintenance costs

You will not have to take care of leaks or repair any kind of damage since there is no rusting involved. All you will need to do is wipe your windows with a piece of wet cloth from time to time to ensure that there is no dust or dirt. Apart from saving you money, this material reduces the amount of time you spent on care.

Visual appearance

Well, uPVC is definitely not going to be one of your best lookers. The material is just plain and white, or maybe gray, with very little to show in terms of character. If you are worried about how your home might look afterwards, then this is not the one for you. Most local governments will actually prohibit you from using this material, especially if you are living within a conservation area. However, this type of situation is rare.


UPVC has a decent reputation when it comes to trapping in heat and energy, which is important in times of cold. The problem with materials that do not have a good level of control of heat is that they will cause you extra costs, as you will have to pay increased costs for heating as well as air conditioning. UPVC is also famous for its ability to sound proof a room, therefore providing you with privacy and protecting you from external noise.


This material will not make your home the fortress aluminium does, but it sure does live up to its billing. It will help if you chose the sturdier types that are robust against external forces.
What does aluminium offer?



While most shoppers may feel that the price is steep, there is a definite reason for this pricing structure. A look at the frames will definitely give you an idea why these prices seem to vary. Do not feel pressured to settle whenever you are making such a purchase, because long-term benefits will accrue from making choices that you think have a chance at longevity. The general market prices for aluminium in Singapore will be between 30% and 50% higher than that of regular materials like uPVC.


It is very difficult to penetrate this material, regardless of the kind of pressure applied and the items used. This is because aluminium has a heavy and sturdy structure, composed of forces that pull against each other to avoid any kind of caving in or breaking. This factor ensures that you are safe from those with malicious intent as well as relatively secure from freak accidents that could involve your windows.


The average lifespan for uPVC windows may range between 8 and 10 years, but aluminium is far ahead here. The lifespan is between 20 and 30 years. Sure, you are going to have to perform some maintenance practices, but the result is certainly worth the effort. With this product, you must be careful with how you handle humidity because rusting is always a threat. Modern aluminium frames have a coating that can hold out for quite a bit. In addition, artificial treatment is also available as part of the maintenance process.


There are any shades of aluminium out there, so you are not restricted to the color you want to go with. This will come as a pleasant surprise to those who want to fix in window systems that do not compromise on their general landscaping. You can choose the colors that complement your general environment in order to add a colorful edge to the atmosphere around your home.

Is aluminium better?

Aluminium generally seems to have an edge here, despite the very decent attributes of the other window materials. Its biggest selling point is the aesthetics. While people consider timber very sturdy and reliable, it still falls short because of its lack of variety. To builders and homeowners, uPVC seems just too plain to add anything of value to the way things look around the home. With aluminium, the finishing is smooth, the design is sleek and very slim, and the design choices are far plentier than any of those of its competitors. In terms of durability, it seems that aluminium once again trumps its opponents as it outlasts them by an average of ten years.

The attributes of aluminium with which most clients will have a problem involve pricing and maintenance. Yes, the prices are a bit steep, but the value is guaranteed. For the clients to make decisions on purchases, they make considerations they alone know, but it looks like the aluminium users outnumber those who go with uPVC by a large margin. While individual preferences certainly have a hand in this outcome, there could be a chance that this statistic points to the qualities of each of these two when paired up.
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