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How Much Does It Cost To Install Invisible Grill For 4 Rooms Home?

If you are in Singapore or you have ever been there, you will notice most houses and apartments have invisible grills. In general, window grills come in several designs, colours and pattern. There are two purposes of this window grills. One is for security and the other is to protect the house and the windows from outside pollution. People in Singapore often install designer grills to enhance the look of boring houses.

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Invisible Grills- The advanced security grills

With the aid of advanced technology, a lot of new stuff are introduced in the home decor industry. Invisible grills are one such new introduction that has got a lot of popularity in the past few years. The invisible grills work the same as normal grills but the appearance is different. These grills are made up of thin wires and are installed with the windows.

You might wonder how thin wires will provide good security protection. Grills are meant to be made of strong iron rods, but how on earth will these thin wires work? These are not regular thin wires. Each wire is in-built with high tension cables which can almost result up to 250 pounds of force. So there are no security issues with these wires. The reality is these invisible wires are more durable and string than regular iron grills.

The grill concept has changed completely with the introduction of invisible grills. These grills can be installed in your balcony as well as the window.

A guide to the cost of installation of the invisible grill

A lot of companies in Singapore have come across with invisible grills. This modern grills system is improving with each passing year in terms of protection and security. If you are wondering that these might cost a huge, here's a guide to the cost of installation of these grills. In order to get proper knowledge about these grills, you first need to understand the various designs available in the market. Here are a few things to be considered while buying invisible grills:

First of all the grills must be HBD (Housing and Development Board) approved). It is a wise thing if you get a quotation from an HBD approved company. These are reliable companies from which you can choose the exact, colour, length, designs & material of the grill.

The price may vary from $ 900 to $1000 for normal invisible grills if you want to install in a 4 room apartment. The more you improvise the more the cost will increase.

Secondly, there are companies which sell Alarm System Integrated grills. These grills come with an alarm system which ensures 24*7 hours of security and protection to the house owners. This is one of the best burglar-proof solutions one can have.

Note that this kind of high-end grills will be costlier than the normal invisible grills. For example, if a normal invisible grill cost you $ 900, these kinds of alarm integrated grill might cost you up to $1200 for a 4 room apartment in Singapore.

So if you see on an overall basis, the estimated cost to install invisible grill in a 4 room apartment might vary from $900 to up to $1200. Now companies might charge you more than this. As now you know the average rate, it would be easier for you to choose the right company with an effective price.

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Why should you install invisible grills?

Here are the reasons why you should install invisible grills:

These are made up of quality stainless steel cable and hence are very strong and durable. Provides absolute protection and security for your homes. Provides a beautifully transparent and panoramic view of the outside since these are super thin. These are available in a variety of designs, colors and materials. These grills no longer look dull and shabby and thereby provide a classy look to your house. These grills need minimum maintenance and are super easy to clean.

Final thoughts

So if you are planning to install invisible grills, choose a grill design that matches your house look and do a bit of market research before buying it. Make the company from where you are buying it is HBD certified.

Improvise your home with advanced invisible grill and fell the difference!

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