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Aluminium Composite With Metal Structure

Aluminium Composite Metal (ACM) with metal structure basically refers to a substrate of a sandwiched polyethylene core. The aluminium sheet is composed of three layers whereby the polyethylene is placed in between a couple of adjacent sheets of aluminium. Singapore is the chief consumer.

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Product Details

The panel of aluminium composite metal is characterized by easy fabrication, light weight, and unparalleled versatility. These salient features separate them from the widely used materials such as stone, wood, and tiles.

The aluminium composite metal with a metal structure comes with various levels of length, thickness, and width. The skin thickness ranges from 0.2 millimeters to 0.5 millimeters. The product length goes up to 2440 millimeters while the width ranges from 1000 millimeters up to 2000 millimeters.


The brand new material is employed in adornment and other architectural designs. ACM is popular with professionals such as designers, architects, and developers in the entire globe.
The technological application of such commodities is seen in the realms of signage and construction.

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

Superb Flatness

The material portrays superb flatness which allows for massive use of the ACM in façade installation.

A large-span cassette is deployed during the process of installing such a structure because of the aluminium structure within the composite material.

The aluminium composite product gives a smooth finishing to the façade and that confers aesthetic value of ACM structures.

Light Weight

Low-Density Polyethylene (LPDE) forming the core of aluminium composite metal structure helps to diminish the weight of the ACM such that it finds numerous applications in the world of technology.

The reduced weight offers an opportunity to use the product in the construction of signboards that help in the advertisement purposes. There is significantly increased consumption of aluminium composite metals in varieties of ads in Singapore and beyond.

The flawlessly flat interface provided by the raw material leads to many Singaporeans ordering imports of the ACM. The technology has seen the mushrooming up of industries that exploit technology in trying to make the corporate world easier to run.

Excellent Formability And Workability

The aluminium composite metal functions effectively in a range of temperatures between -30 degrees Celsius and +80 degrees Celsius. The temperature range gives a wide spectrum of usage.

The ACM can be used all the year round and in most of the parts of Singapore despite the kind of season or weather experienced.

The fabricators tend to exploit such a strength in the building of various parts of construction material. The products such as doors or roofing materials have the ability to survive both the cold and warm weather.

Recyclability and Non-toxicity

Aluminium Composite Metal composite is non-toxic and it can be completely recycled in order to form other commodities without any stress. The non-toxic property confirms that the aluminium composite metal-structure is friendly to the environment and to human life. The material does not pollute the environment, thus does not jeopardize human survival.

The capacity to be recycled encourages more people from Singapore to prefer aluminium composite metal structures to other conventional material since the utility can be acquired repeatedly. The consumer does not have to order extra aluminium composite metal imports and that saves them the extra cost that can be incurred in the process.

The savings on imports could be employed in developing other sectors of the economy such as roads and improving social amenities in Singapore.

Aluminium Composite Metal Structure













Variety of Color Availability

Alumininium composite metal-structures come in all color fashions during the production process. Different consumers derive a diverse degree of utility from the available colors.

For instance, advertisement depends heavily on the variety of colors in the process of trying to capture the attention of potential customers.

The designers of signboards and other commodities form myriads of products for the market by exercising the advantage of having many colored aluminium composite metals.

The success of the people of Singapore in the product advertisement is highly catapulted by the massive deployment of signage materials obtained from ACM structures.

And the success of the service is directly proportional to the statistics in product sales and subscriptions in Singapore.


Aluminium composite metal-structure has become a boon in the field of architecture and design due to the workability, versatility, and malleability.

In addition, the products can be recycled and other similar products formed. Singapore can save significantly from the import industry so that the country focuses on bettering the living standards of the people.

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