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How To Clean Aluminium Window Grill

Aluminium window grills are very popular in many HDB units in Singapore. These window grills do not rust which make them suitable for the humid climatic conditions in Singapore. Window grills are essential since they keep intruders and buglers away. On top of their safety value, aluminium window grills also adds aesthetic value hence making homes appear elegant. 

Although aluminium window grills do not rust, they are adversely affected by dust, water, moisture and other harsh weather conditions. Most apartments in Singapore have aluminium window grills with white powder coating and hence appear unsightly when affected by dust. It is therefore imperative to ensure proper maintenance of the aluminium window grills always.















- A significant way of maintaining the quality of your window grills is ensuring that they are cleaned regularly.
Even if your floors and windows are sparklingly clean but your grills are not, your house will not be pleaseant. When your window grills are dirty, your windows look untidy and messy. When clean, your home will appear neat and beautiful both internally and externally. 

- Cleaning your window grills also protect you from infections that arise from dirt and dust. Cleaning may seem difficult but if done in the right manner, it can be a very simple task. This article outlines the tips that you may follow when cleaning alminium window grills.

- Splash the grill with water. Spraying your aluminium window grills with water is a quick way of cleaning them. Some contaminants such as dirt and dust as well as other impurities dissolve in the water which makes it easy to remove them from the grills. To preserve the quality of your window grill, you should use clean water.

- Hot water is recommended as an excellent way of getting rid of dirt and sticking substances like oil from the window grills. Using hot water on your window grill can help eliminate even the stubborn stains quite fast. 

-Use of water to clean your aluminium window grills is regarded as the safest compared method compared to the available detergents. It is also a cost effective method of cleaning the grills.

- Clean your aluminium window grill with a brush frequently. You should use an appropriate brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt that have accumulated in your window grill. Brushes specifically designed to clean aluminium materials are available in stores and offers a safe alternative for cleaning your aluminium window grills. The special brushes cannot destroy your grills but help to maintain their quality when used regularly.














-Removing the dust and other impurities from the grills before you wash or wipe them with water simplifies the cleaning procedure. The brush also enables you to remove sticky materials from the grills. Additionally, you can use the brush to maneuver and penetrate in all corners of the window grills thereby removing all dirt particles.

- Use special cleaning agents but avoid harsh chemicals. Nowadays, safe cleaning agents for aluminium window grills are available in some stores. You can apply them to quickly remove various impurities including the stubborn stains from your window grill. However, you should select the best and safest cleaning agents appropriate for aluminium.

- Harsh chemicals have a potent risk of damaging your aluminium window grill because of the harmful ingredients. They may discolour your window grills hence lowering their quality. You should hence not use any chemical for the mere reason of simplifying the cleaning procedure. Otherwise you should seek to purchase the appropriate cleaning agents especially those with organic ingredients.

- When using the cleaning agents for your window grills, you should observe utmost personal care. This is because, some commercial cleaning agents poses serious health risks such as; skin problems, respiratory problems, chemical burns, watery eyes and even cancer.

- You should take safety precaution such as wearing gloves to protect your hands when cleaning your window grills using chemicals. Additionally, you should ask for referral for the safest and effective cleaning agents.

- Wipe with smooth and soft cloth. Using a soft cloth to clean your aluminium window grills prevents scratches. This is particularly important since aluminium is a soft metal and can easily be scratched by a tough fabric. You can opt for a material known as microfiber which is not only smooth but also soft. You can also put on old but soft stocks when cleaning your window grills since you will not worry of the cloth slipping and falling during the cleaning process. Avoid using Abrasive cleaning materials such as cotton wool

You may be tempted to use abrasives such as cotton wool in order to remove stubborn stains or make the grills look shiny. However, this may lead to a massive damage on your aluminium window grills by leaving scratches hence giving the grills a marred appearance. You shoul by all means avoid abrasive materials and use soft materials as earlier mentioned. By so doing you will preserve the good appearance of your grilles.













- Apply a solution of water and vinegar. Using a mixture of water and vinegar is a great way of cleaning aluminium window grills. This solution enables your window grills to maintain their original look and also make your grill to be faultlessly clean with no observable stain remaining. This leaves your window grills pleasantly shinning.

The above overview presents guidelines which when applied properly can help home owners to clean their aluminium window grills effectively. Use of clean and hot water remains the safest method but you can also apply the recommended cleaning agents such as detergents. To avoid scratches on your aluminium window grills, you should avoid using abrasives but use smooth and soft clothes.

In case you lack enough time and resources for cleaning your aluminium window grills, expert cleaning services are available for hire. The cleaning services are readily accessible in Singapore and can offer you excellent services in cleaning your aluminium window grills among other services. You can therefore select your favorite company that suits your needs. You may ask for referral from people who have been served by the professional cleaning companies and they were satisfied. You can also check availability of such companies via the internet and find the services provided and cost.


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