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Why Install Aluminum Composite Panel?

Aluminium composite panel is abbreviated as ACP; it’s a panel made from two aluminium sheets held together by a core. The non-aluminium core between the two layers is then filled with polyethylene which makes it lightweight. ACP is the best option when you are looking for a material with high tensile strength, durable and economical. The Aluminium panel comes in different size, width, color and shapes to help fit everyone needs.

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Even though there come in different size and shapes the standard ACP is 4 millimeter in size where 3 inches is the core, and 0.5 millimeter is the aluminium sheet. Aluminium composite panel is a choice of many in Singapore due to its affordability and durability. But why Install Aluminium Composite Panel?


When you are looking for a cheap alternative material to build your house, the aluminium panel has been a choice of many in Singapore and preferred by most builders. Due to its low cost, ACP helps the homeowner to cut down the building cost with a high percentage. The maintenance cost of a house build with ACP is low and thus helps you save more money in the long term. Since the outer layer is made of aluminium sheets, it becomes easier to clean. They also offer convenient when it comes to thermal by providing high quality thermal comfort.


By installing the recommended ACP, you are sure that it will take time before the panel wears out. Unlike other metals like iron, aluminium is not vulnerable by the adverse effects of weather. ACP does not collide and thus making it very durable. It is undoubtedly a long lasting investment when you are going to choose these out of other metal sheets. Due to the polyethylene used makes the panel strong and withstand different forces like wind.

Safe Alternative

Due to the technology used in designing and producing the aluminium composite planes it makes them fireproof. If you choose ACP as your construction material, you will be safe from fire in the rest of your life. Once the material is subjected to the heat of about 650-degree centigrade, the polyethylene material between the sheets melts and does not produce harmful gases to human and environment. It feels good knowing that you are living in a home where your building material does not affect the environment in the negative. To achieve this opt for ACP.

Flexibility in Color

Everybody has his favorite color, and it may differ from one person to the other. The aluminium composite panel comes in different colors and can be costumed as per your specifications. ACPs can replicate different styles and textures like wood, natural stone, metallic among others. Due to this fact, the homeowner shall no longer settle for a hue that is not their desire. Visit the nearest store and choose the color that you have always dreamt of, remember you can also blend the colors.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We all love a unique and pleasing building exterior. Due to the flexibility of ACP, it becomes easier to design and come up with a unique style. When using the right tools, you can shape the aluminium panel to any shape and angle that can meet your needs. Once you have installed the ACP, you don’t need to spend another dime for the maintenance. They don’t require any painting, coloring or even galvanizing as the manufacturer had taken care of all this. This aspect makes them the best choice among many Singapore residents.

Lightweight Material

Aluminium is considered as light metal and suitable for cladding system. When you compare aluminium with a metal like a steal, for example, you find that aluminium is 66% lighter. This makes it a suitable construction material alternative. Some of the aluminium panels used in Singapore are the lightest; for example, 4mm thick Alucobond only weighs 5.9 Kg per square meter. Vitabond ACP weighs 4.6 Kg per square meter. This is far much lighter than most construction material in the market.

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If you are out there looking for the perfect material for house building consider aluminium composite panel. Their advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far making it the best material. When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, they are easy to clean. When you compare ACP with other material, you will find the cost of maintaining ACP is negligible. If you live in a rural area, ACP should be cleaned a test after five years while you can clean twice in five years in a town with low rainfall.

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